View Full Version : outbound firewall rules for Allied Telesyn AR415s

05-23-08, 11:33 AM
Hi all,
I have an Allied Telesyn AR415s with firewall enabled and rules for
inbound traffic already set up.
I have a mail server inside my LAN and I want to add outbound rules in
order to allow SMTP traffic only from the mail server.
The problem is when a computer in LAN is infected by a malware that
sends spam emails, my email addresses will be blacklisted, so I'd like
that only the email server is allowed to perform SMTP traffic.

The inbound rule for SMTP protocol is:
add firewall poli="nat" ru=20 ac=allow int=eth0 prot=tcp po=25
ip=192.168.XXX.XXX gblip=YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY gblp=25

What is the correspondent outboud rules to allow SMTP traffic?

I tried connecting to the firewall GUI, but I wasn't able to set up
the rules, because the interface isn't enlisted in the select box...

Thanks in advance!