View Full Version : Actiontec speed drop (FiOS)

05-21-08, 08:34 AM
I've had FiOs for about a year. When I first got it, I would run
various online speed tests and consistantly get between 15 - 20 mbps
download on my 2 desktops (cat5e to Router - Actiontec MI42424WR).

My wife uses her laptop (wireless) to log into work through vpn. When
we first got it, she was satisfied with the speed and reliability
compared to Comcast cable (using linksys wireless)

Recently we've noticed the "surfing speed" had slowed down, and a
speedtest registered < 7mbps.

Last Thursday -
I went ahead and optimized/defragged the computers.
Went into the router and changed DNS settings to use &
which I had found in a post on another site.
Rebooted router.
Browser speed was noticably faster. Ran speedtest and DL was >20mbps
Wife says her wireless connection speed is back to where it was

Monday -
Speeds have slowed down again. Wife is bitching about slow speed.
Speedtest shows <7 mpbs DL
Went into router config and dns addresses were set to
I reset them to the ones I used last week and rebooted router, but
speedtest still shows < 7.

Any thoughts greatley appreciated

05-22-08, 10:40 PM
Do you have anything using the bandwidth, like voip service, or teamspeak, torrents going.

Run spybot, super antispyware, windows defender.