View Full Version : Dual WAN router and private static route

05-09-08, 10:47 AM
I have a pair Edge2WAN 150's (3 WAN port) routers at 2 business
location. On WAN3 at each site I am using a private address
( and and route private network between
these two location over a wireless 8 mile link. The Edge2WAN150's are
set to VPN over ISP's when Wireless is down. At home I can tap into
the wireless link. I have tried using the Linksys RV042, a dual WAN
router. I can use WAN1 for ISP and WAN2 as Private IP in
Dual WAN, Load Balance mode. Using 'router mode', the RV042 will not
do NAT from the WAN1 ISP, there is not Internet access so that is out.
Using 'gateway mode', I can get Internet access, NAT, and I can access
inside either business location from home, but from work I cannot ping
my home network. A tracert from work to home stops at the RV042's

I have tried no firewall, firewall rules, weird firewall rules, seams
nothing private comes in WAN when in 'gateway mode'. Anybody have a
way to get my private traffic thru the RV042 WAN2?

The Edge2WAN is not 'VPN device to device' capable with the Linksys!
When all location where using Linksys, I set up VPN and placed a NAS
at my house for off site backup. I need to get this back up! I am a
part owner and I need to connect to all resources at all hours.