View Full Version : Re: Firmware 5.1 for netscreen 5xp wanted

04-30-08, 09:10 PM
brunovm had written this in response to
did you ever get the firmware for the 5XP?. I have a similar problem.
thanks in advance.

iceman wrote:

> Firmware 5.1 for netscreen 5xp wanted

> please send me a copy to news@bhagen.dk

> why...?? no support for the noncaring juniper company leaving their
> custimors with very expensive firewalls without any upgrade support..

> i say.. let us left out custimors help each other then..

> loosing custimors they will big time

> next time its watchguard for me or somthing with a responible attitude
> towards custimors that pay big bucks for ther products..

> Bj DK

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