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04-26-08, 06:17 PM
On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 11:11:48 -1000, Sparkfizz <sparkfizz@gmail.com>

>Hi Topher;
>As a guy who basically 'grew up' on kauai and is a gay surfer too :-) I
>get it - it's hard to convey a feeling without the other person having
>ever experienced it though :-P so how do you tell people what surfing
>is like sorta like telling a virgin wat sex is like

Then, you can understand that being haole, and gay, is not an easy
life for a surfer on Kauai. As far as the locals at the break are
concerned, I am straight. A haole surfer was outed a while back. He
lost the sight in one of his eyes after the locals broke his face, and
immediately left Kauai when he was released from Wilcox.