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04-24-08, 08:34 PM
computer internet security,

More and more people are taking advantage of the power of the
Internet, as it is the most versatile means of communication nowadays.
However, this growing popularity also has a disadvantage -- the
continuous bombardment of new online threats. As cyber "criminals" see
how people use the Internet for business and other personal
transactions, they are enticed to do cyber crimes, such as email
scams, identity theft and child solicitation. Because of this,
Internet security is a big concern and a lot more people want to have
Internet security software.

Internet security software is used to monitor areas of the Internet
that are being accessed. A good example of this is web-filtering
software. The access in these areas is blocked or limited by this
software, so that anyone who wishes to use the Internet can only
access those areas that are work-related and authorized sites. This
software is also effective blocking specific websites, specifically
pornographic sites and other specific URLs.

Antivirus software and spyware scanning software are examples of
Internet security software. These provide essential virus and spyware
protection from hackers, viruses and various online threats. Identity
thieves and other cyber "criminals" make use of loggers and spyware in
order to steal information -- from license and security numbers, to
passwords and banking information. Software scans these viruses and
spyware before cyber "criminals" can get any information on the

The Internet does bring many advantages to its user. But this also
means risks. That is why Internet security should not be taken for
granted. With viruses and spyware around, as well as cyber criminals
on the loose, the Internet is not the safest place to make any
transaction. It is therefore very important to have Internet security
software because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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