View Full Version : Wireless problems - Code 10.

04-19-08, 05:22 PM

I am using a Packard Bell EasyNote laptop with XP. For some reason,
when I checked my Network connections (in Control Panel), the wireless
network option has disappeared.

I then checked Device Manager and it is listed as Intel Pro Wireless
2200 BG but there is a problem: This device cannot start. (Code 10).

I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers both from Windows and
from the Intel website and re-booted to no avail.

This is what I downloaded from Intel:

I have no idea what to do. I used the Troubleshooting tag in Device
Manager but that doesn’t help.

One suggestion was to disable wireless in the BIOS then uninstall the
drivers in Control Panel, then re-enable the BIOS and install the
drivers in Control Panel; however BIOS does not give me this option.

If I uinstall the drivers then reboot, XP automatically installs the
wireless drivers again, but you get the "exclaimation mark" indicator
in Devices that there is a problem.

Any ideas? Thanks – your help is much appreciated.