View Full Version : Dry Ice?

04-04-08, 08:26 AM
Did anyone ever hear of using dry ice to remove small dings and dents in a car?
Someone mentioned this to me the other day and I had never heard of it before.
Does it actually work?

04-04-08, 12:28 PM
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04-04-08, 10:31 PM
I knew someone from Iowa that used It after hail storms. She said if you waited too long to do it, it didn't work as well.

04-22-08, 10:18 PM
I remember touching it when I was a kid and gawd ...I had pretty bad burns :rotfl:

06-24-08, 08:17 AM

---I wish I could find some videos of removing severe dents in doors, with a couple of hammers and 2x4s to add to this, but it would be hijacking the thread and it does take some planning as to where you need to hit. One or two solid blows to the flat 2x4 and the dent is gone. When I read the post, I immediately knew what to do, but watching the videos just made me laugh. Necessity is the mother of invention. Much better than pulling dents... it allows the stretched metal to shrink and even did good where body lines were a factor!

---FWIW, heating the area with a hair dryer will allow you to press dents out of ABS spoilers/valances and such. Had to do that to a friend's Mustang before her Mother saw it. Damn the ignorant Wal*Mart shoppers when they park anyway.