View Full Version : Question on Media Bridge and dhcp

03-30-08, 08:40 PM
Hi All,

I Ethernet connected a desktop (no spare PCI slots)
with a D-Link DWL-3150, 802.11g Wireless G Bridge
to a USR 5461 AP/router/hub.

The DWL-3150 directions had me set my IP to and then log into the DWL-3150 on to configure it. After configuring
it, I was able to surf the Internet.

Question: after configuring the DWL-3150, can
I set the computer's TCP/IP setting back to
use the DHCP server on the USR 5461? Any
reason why I should not do this? Am I missing
something about the way a "bridge" is suppose to

If it helps, the USR 5461's status page thinks
the desktop is connected as a "wired" device.

Many thanks,