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03-28-08, 08:26 PM
I have a Netgear WGT624 wireless router with 3 computers all using
wireless. I have had it for 3 years and in that time, I have had DSL
and now cable as my internet type.

The problem I am having is that when I access some web pages that are
busy with gif's or jpg's, my router suddenly stops responding. I
cannot log into the router from a wireless computer and although my
computers (2 PC's and 1 Mac) say that they are connected, no traffic
seems to be getting out to the internet or coming in. I then have to
reset the router (never the modem) and it works.

When I say that I access pages that are "busy" I am talking about a
page that has a bunch of JPG's on it or even a bunch of animated
gif's. I haven't ever had this problem with pages with just text or
even pages that have some pictures (versus a bunch).

I have looked for updates to the firmware, and none are available.
Anyone have any possible suggestions as to what could be causing this?


03-31-08, 10:49 AM

I have the same router with a different configuration (2 PCs wired), 2
Macs (wireless), wireless game (PS2) adapter, and pocket pc w/ wifi.

I think the problem we have isn't necessarily related to what is
hooked up how, but just an issue with the traffic in the router

My problem is with P2P (specifically Flashget accessing online
torrents). After the router chews on them a while it just stops all/
most internet traffic from entering/leaving. I can still get Email
access and IRC. My clock sync protram and vista sidebar widgets still
work. IE, Firefox, and Flashget stop working, though (actually
Flashget grinds to a near-halt but still manages to trickle a little
through. I can power down/up the router and then all works fine
(don't have to reboot my modem either...) for a period of time - but
then I lose it again.

I've looked at a lot of posts trying to figure out if this router is
just doomed or what? I read about the problems Netgear had w/
reflashing the firmware (my update never worked in my router anyway,
so that isn't my problem - and now I'm afraid to flash it w/ all the
problems others had bricking their modem w/ the flash prog).

I hope somebody can meaningfully comment (w/o just telling me how much
Flashget sucks or that I should through away my PCs because they suck
so bad compared to Macs).


03-31-08, 05:46 PM

I am glad that I am not alone as far as this problem goes. The only
wired system that I have into the router is my DVR (an old ReplayTV
model). I have had this problem with my Mac (using Firefox) and a PC
(running IE 6 and 7). I hear you as far as the traffic in the
router. Sure seems to be that every time it happens is when I am on a
few of the forums I frequent (combat sports) and they have a lot of
pictures of matches in the thread. When it happens, I see that most
of the pictures have displayed but there are others that havent and it
hangs up. Looks like any type of browser just doesn't fly after
that. A reboot of the router, and it is back in business.

I have seen this quite a bit even when viewing some friends picture
sites. Many of the pictures start displaying and then it just
suddenly stops. Browser doesn't freeze, just stops receiving web

Hopefully someone has this issue and can explain a fix? Another thing
that I have found odd...since I have purchased this router about 3 to
4 years ago, there haven't been any firmware updates. Is it that it
is that "solid" as far as firmware goes? Does Netgear stop making
firmware updates as it is older? I notice that friends with Linksys
routers have had a few revisions in firmware within a few years.