View Full Version : Can connect to router but no internet...HELP??

03-28-08, 11:06 AM
I have a brand new Dell laptop and a DLink router connected to my cable modem.

I got it up and running last week and it worked well for 3 days. I then left my laptop unplugged and the battery was completely drained. When I powered it back up I was connected to the wireless router but no internet.

I connect to the router via and have DHCP enabled.

I did the usual, reset router and reconfigured with no security and the same thing, no internet. When I plug in the ethernet cable directly to my laptop I get internet.

Incidentally I think it is on the laptop side because I live in an apartment building and I connected to another wireless router that I used before and connected to it but no internet.

any help would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance