View Full Version : Wireless connection to use a remote desktop connection

Niall 84
03-26-08, 06:30 PM
I am not too sure how to do this at all,
But basically I want to be able to make a remote desktop connection
between my 2 computers so I can use printers etc.

The 2 computers both connect via a wireless router to the internet
(Netgear if its of any help) There are no cables running through the
house to connect the two, but they both have wireless cards (Both
belkin) And i'm pretty sure there is a way of making a home network
connection between both computers which should then allow me to use
the remote desktop connection.

So if anyone knows how to make the home network connection using
wireless it would be great!!!

By the way one computer is XP Home and the other is XP Pro.

Thanks a million,