View Full Version : POE on a non POE device

03-25-08, 06:42 PM
Hi all, I stubled across this newsgroup and I am amazed with the level of experience here! I trust this will be easy for the group.

I use WRT54g3g-at's to distribute broadband to people at mobile events. Most of my events are held inside facilities like basketball arenas and theaters. As you'd expect, the signal strength and subsequent speed are pretty low. I've found that an outdoor mount provides much better signal. At the moment I've mounted my AP's inside a rugged case and have installed a power connect for the device's native power adapter. I connect the device to the inside power connection with a standard 12GA cord and I use STP to connect the Linksys back to a second, TitanWireless enterprse access point. This has worked extremely well but, I wsa wondering if anyone has any ideas for profiding the power to the enclosure via POE? I understand that the WRT54G3G does not support POE, but, I was wondering if anyone made a 2 part POE injector that would carry the juice from a far end injector at the main power source and then provide a receptical at the enclosure where one might connect a 12v DC adapter. Seems simple enough... maybe not.. Anyhow, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.