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03-25-08, 12:13 PM
> DSL modem + router WAN lights - winking out
> Running the ATT supplied Speedstream 5100a DSL modem
> that is attached to our Linksys BEFSR41 (v1) router running 1.45.7
> firmware -
> Everything has been nice and rock solid.
> Recently - I noticed that things were slow.
> In looking at the DSL modem & router, that are sitting next to each other,
> I noticed the following...
> Every once in awhile,
> the Linksys BEFSR41 router "WAN" column of LEDs
> and the single "Ethernet" LED on the Speedstream 5100a modem
> winks out, and then come back on.
> I've looked in the router logs, but don't see anything.
> I thought maybe the cable - so swapped for a new Cat6 cable,
> no change. Then, to view the stats on the DSL modem,
> I disconnected the cable between the DSL modem & router,
> and added a small 10/100 switch to be able to connect a laptop
> to browse the DSL modem stats....
> SO - I un-plugged the cable from the router, plugged it into the switch,
> along with adding a short cable from the switch back to the router
> and then a cable from the switch to a laptop.
> No errors reported for the DSL, ATM, or Ethernet.
> BUT - AMAZING - no more probs, AND the www.Speakeasy.com speed test is the
> fastest we've seen.
> HUH - the direct connection between the DSL modem + router
> tends to show some intermittent (unreported) Ethernet "wink" problems,
> but adding a small 10/100 switch betweem them (using same cables)
> tends to make the problem go away ???????????????
> Has anyone else ever seen this anomoly of "winking" ?
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> you have obviously overlooked something." - Steven Wright