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03-19-08, 07:29 PM
On 19 Mar, 22:03, "Eric" <n...@nowhere.nnn> wrote:
> Hi
> After over six years of constant operation, my main router (D-Link DI-764)
> has finally bit it. *The 802.11a radio stopped working a few months ago,but
> wasn't a big deal since I had already been using an 802.11a/gb WAP connected
> to it. *Now the router portion has finally bit it too.
> I just want to get a wired router since I already have a WAP to connect it
> with. *My requirements are, of course, at least four local LAN ports to be
> used with an XBox360, PS3, and a media gadget. *I'll need to be able to use
> "static" DHCP for 21 devices, port forwarding, firewall, etc. *Also, since
> it is situated next to my HDTV, I'm thinking about just going ahead and
> getting Gigabit as I may want to pipe HD to the TV down the road.
> Just want something that is simple to use, allows settings to be backed up,
> and of course reliable..
> Thanks!

I think zyxel are quite reliable, and have a reasonable interface for
settings, and they can be backed up. I cannot check how well it
supports what you mention though..

By the way.. out of interest, what is the make/model of this gadget
that gives your wired router a wireless capability. (I am rather new
to wireless)