View Full Version : netgear FWG114P outbout rule problem

03-19-08, 01:07 PM

I've got a netgear FWG114P and I'm trying to configure a machine to do
outbound HTTP only w/ the following two rules in this order.

I enable an HTTP rule w/ the action "ALLOW always" from 'any' LAN to
'any' WAN. Then in the DEFAULT rule it says 'any' service 'BLOCK always'
from 'any' LAN to 'any' WAN.

Both rules are enabled.

Yet, when I try to get out, HTTP is blocked, but if I set the default
to 'ALLOW always', then I can get through.

Shouldn't the config I put in be saying, allow all HTTP and block
everything else in the listed order? Meaning, it matches the first rule
and that's it if I'm doing HTTP?