View Full Version : Avaya AP-6 and WDS

Jacob d'Andrade
03-14-08, 05:26 AM

I've got my hands on a couple of Avaya AP's. And now I would like to make a
wireless links bewteen the two points, to connect two buildings.

According to the manual and documentation, it should be possible to connect
them with WDS.

And so I've configured WDS on both AP's with their respective wireless MAC
addresses typed in in the oppisite AP, and enabled Spanning tree and enabled
WDS security with a WEP 128bit key, same key on both APs. I have one DHCP
server, on one side, and it should be that server that gives IP's to all the

No matter what, I'm unable to ping the remote AP's management Ip, wich is in
the same segment as the local AP.

Are there anyone who has tried to make a link, and possible could show me a
configuration sample ?

Kind Regards