View Full Version : Updated software, Quickertek PowerBook WiFi PCMCIA card

Ted Lee
03-11-08, 10:15 AM
(this is a follow up to a few posts that were just in the Mac

For reasons which may or may not be valid I recently got a Quickertek
802.11 b/g "Cardbus" PCMCIA wireless card for my Mac PowerBook G4.
Even though the card is no longer in production, having been replaced
by a b/g/n card, there probably are still some of the older one out in
the distribution chain, and presumably there are many still using
them. To make a long story short, it didn't work as well as the
promises indicated it ought to. (It wouldn't wake from sleep
automatically and it keeping losing the connection.) It didn't take
much work to discover it is basically a packaging of the Ralink RT61
chipset and almost by accident I discovered that Ralink has a newer
driver and user interface than that shipped with the product or
available on the Quickertek website. The Ralink software (available
on their website) is also distributed as a .dmg and not a .zip, which
feels more Mac-like. Anyway, it seems to work flawlessly with the new
software and I'm a happy camper. I was able to get a solid connection
down in the basement of my house, with the devices nicely negotiating
a lower speed of transmission, at a place where the Airport card
didn't even see the base station. For the record, the reason I
settled on this card is that since it comes with its own software it
can be used without physically disconnecting the internal Airport
card, a task I didn't want to try for myself or pay somebody to do.

Ted Lee
Minnetonka, MN