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02-20-08, 02:20 PM
Hello all,

I need to justify why we should spend more on a Cisco 3750 than the 3Com 5500 (naturally cheaper). Obviously the Cisco should be better, right?

According to the spec sheets though, the 3Com seems to out-perform the Cisco in its ability to forward packets (142mpps vs Cisco's weedy 39mpps).

Then it out-performs the Cisco in mean time between failures (201K hrs vs. 141K hrs for the Cisco).

For stackability (very important to us) the 3Com gives figures of 96Gb/s while poor old Cisco only gets up to 32Gb/s on the links.

Next it beats it on internal switching speeds, the 3Com reaching a 192GB/s vs the Cisco's 32Gb/s.

I was shocked. Perhaps 3Com is lying? Perhaps I'm missing something vital. Or, perhaps most unbelievably, the 3Com is better and cheaper than the Cisco.

Are there further considerations to be made relating to the quality of the transmission, despite the apparent speed (e.g. packet dropping)?

I would be very grateful to anyone who can lend some advice!

Many thanks!

07-03-08, 06:02 AM
Well that really depends on how much money you have and how much you need it.
For example, I'm kind of short on money so I would get the 3Com. :) Now your situation might be different, and on paper, 3Com does seem better (and it also seems like lies).
If you can post more info, I bet more people will help.

diamondblast from Jemsite (http://www.jemsite.com)