View Full Version : Activex Controls: a little off subject?

02-05-08, 12:20 AM
I was wondering if anyone could help me? I can't download anything from Windows Update because a pop-up states that I need to install ActiveX controls to view the site. There is no way for me to fix this I have tried everything. I believe I may have deleted a ActiveX control running on Internet Explorer but I can't find it anywhere or access the Windows Update site to download what I need. I'm sorry if this is confusing, I hope someone understands what I am talking about and can help me. Thanks alot, Joe.

These are the activex controls running in my IE
MU web control muweb.dll
quicktime object qtplugin.ocx
shockwave flash object flash9.ocx

As I said I believe I deleted a needed ActiveX control?

02-05-08, 12:26 AM
IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Custom Level > ActiveX controls and plugins > Enabled All.

02-05-08, 12:50 AM
Thanks for the reply. All Activex controls are enabled and still nothing, as I said I think I deleted one but can't figure out where to download a new one and can't get to win download site either. Thanks Again

02-05-08, 01:14 AM
Use Firefox http://firefox.com to download Windows Updates

02-05-08, 03:58 AM
I do not use IE and thus not verse in its innards. Check to see if there is any blacklist of sites which you may have that disables ActiveX and delete the site of MSN from the list.