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12-24-00, 09:17 PM
I want to test the capabilities and speed of my system and the tweaks I've made. Is there a site or a good program I can use to do this?
I know about DSLreports, I use them to test my broadband settings, but what about the computer itself?
Thanks in advance

12-24-00, 09:58 PM
sisoft sandra 2000 is very common, and provides a buttload of info and benchmark modules. www.tweakfiles.com (http://www.tweakfiles.com) and enter sisoft sandra in the search field. they also have a ton of other benchmarking tools for d/l as well.

3DMark2000 is a very popular 3D rendering benchmark. www.madonion.com (http://www.madonion.com)

hdtach is a pretty good drive benchmarking tool also. www.tcdlabs.com (http://www.tcdlabs.com)

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12-24-00, 11:23 PM
Online testing can be done at PcPitstop (http://pcpitstop.com/)