View Full Version : scanner woes....

12-22-00, 09:17 AM
I need help! One minute my scanner is working fine, the next, the application opens, and says that it's scanning, but it's not really doing anything. Then, the application just locks up!

I have an HP scanner with WinMe. Any thoughts???

12-22-00, 10:38 AM
Try looking at

Make sure all your cables are tight.

See if there are new dirvers for your scanner.

If not, try reloading the dirvers for it and rebooting.

If that still dosn't work, how old is your scanner? Is it still under warranty?

Its going to cost you though to get the problem resloved. HP dosn't have a toll free number for trouble shooting your problem.

12-24-00, 07:46 PM
you might need to look for up date drivers. Go to hewlett packard web site and see if they have them. That might solve your problem. I know they have some for their printers now. It won't hurt to check.

12-26-00, 10:50 AM
whick model HP Scanner? ? ?