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04-30-00, 10:08 PM
I was thinking of putting together a new system. Athlon 800Mhz processors seem on the less expensive side... Do they overclock? If I had the right board, cooling and pc-150 memory could I get 1GHz out of it? BTW. What is the best board these days (Asus K7V?)? Are there any PCI boards that dislike o/c?
I'll be using this for video editing, so I could use the extra processor speed....

Thanx for any help.


05-01-00, 05:10 AM
If your going for an Athlon please stay away from the 750+ Athlons. They all suck with that stupid 2/5th divider on the L2. The 700Mhz Athlon was the last one to have 1/2 speed L2. Now with Athlon overclocking you have 2 choices you can rip open the Athlon catridge (loose your warranty) and get a gold fingers device and overclock via Multiplier or you can overclock with FSB on some of the Slot A mobo's like the K7M or K7V. I've used the K7M motherboard and its good works well and isn't picky about power supplies unlike the SD11 i own. I don't have problems with the SD11 mainly coz I have a 500 watts supply http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif I own 5 comps 1 of which is an Athlon 550 and 1 of which is a Coppermine 600E slot 1. The Coppermine Slot 1 overclocks nicely to 800MHz and above when you use PC133 RAM. Right now my Coppermine is at 720 coz i only have PC-100 RAM and the FSB is at 120MHz. Its your choice. Athlon overclocking via the FSB is very limited coz of the DDR BUS. And multi plyer overclocking requires you to void your CPU warranty. The difference between the K7M and K7V is the different chipsts used. K7M AMD Fester Chipset and K7V VIA KX133 chipset. I myself am not to impressed with the KX133 and will be sticking with this AMD chipset when I change from SD11 to K7M. VIA is very good at providing poor speeds on memory transfers. You decide.

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05-01-00, 08:38 PM

I was intending on spending on new memory, pc-150 was on the plate. Cracking open the cartridge doesn't scare me, having a quick system for cpu computations in my goal. 1GHz is sort of a brass ring for me.... can Coppermine chips do it from an affordable o/c starting point.

OK.... from what base processor speed can I get to 1 GHz with pc-150 memory... AMD or Intel?


05-03-00, 05:49 AM
Getting to 1GHz from either AMD or Intel from a lower clock speed is really going to be hard. Since both companies have offically reached and start shipping 1GHz they are both probably testing every possible chip in their ability to overclock to 1Ghz. Why do I think this well notice both companies upped the voltage on the 1GHz CPUs as well as stuck larger than normal heatsinks on them. So your most your probably not going to hit 1GHz from a lower MHz CPU. Me personally i've seen the Coppermine's doing very well overclocking. 500E@700 or even 750. 600E at 800 or even 866MHz. I can't say too much about the Athlons. While i've seen people doing the overclocking I personally have never tried since the gold finger devices aren't avalible here. Cumine overclocking I can say i've done and stand behind em.