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12-19-00, 08:14 PM
My 100 MB Zip drive doesn't show up anywhere in the drive letters after installing my Plextor Burner. When I try to reinstall the software (cira APR 1997 OEM) I keep getting a general protection fault error (ININST30).

I've checked the IDE cable and power, everything looks ok. I can put a disk in and the green light comes on and trys to read disk, will eject fine. It's the damned software I can't get to reinstall. I've deleted every registry key and every trace of Iomega on the box.

Help! Anyone have any ideas on this, thanks a lot in advance.

12-19-00, 10:43 PM
try new zip drivers from iomega's site.

12-19-00, 11:39 PM
If the Zip drive and burner are on the same cable, make sure the jumpers are correct--one is set as slave, the other as master.

12-20-00, 02:14 AM
Went to Iomega's web site & downloaded new IomegaWare software & installed it. Only problem, didn't detect the Zip drive! How do I check the jumpers? Thanks.

12-20-00, 02:29 AM
Originally posted by steve:
How do I check the jumpers? The jumpers should be located on the back of the drive. Make sure both the zip drive and CD burner are NOT setup the same. One has to be the master, the other has to be the slave.

12-20-00, 03:11 AM
Thanks glc1!

I'm also going to check the data cable to the Zip zoom board. If the data cable isn't connected to PIN 1 on both the Zip insider and the Zip zoom board, "your computer will not be able to find your drive". (from Iomega's install guide). When I get off this night shift, I'll be able to check it out further. Any suggestions for loading the "tool" software? Not sure I even have it anymore, the software I have is OEM Apr 97 issue. Thanks again for the help.

12-20-00, 03:19 AM
Found the jumper settings. How do I check for the master and slave settings? The only things I can see the jumpers doing is changing the IRQ interrupts. Thanks again for any help. Looks like the default setting is for IRQ 11, and they have optional jumper settings for IRQ 9, 10, and 12.

12-20-00, 09:23 AM
Could this be a bios problem too?

12-20-00, 09:54 AM
Hi Steve,

Not sure what your talking about,as far as IRQ's are concerned, but those jumpers are on the back of your zip drive and your cd burner. Look at the manual for your burner, or on the back of your burner just on top. There should be a diagram of how to configure it. Same with the zip drive. Also make sure your cable is seated correctly.

12-20-00, 10:00 AM
Originally posted by downhill:
Also make sure your cable is seated correctly.
PIN 1 should line up w/the red mark on the cable.

12-20-00, 10:55 AM
I d/l'd the pdf file for the zip drive and have my plextor stuff, will try it shortly. Thanks guys, wish me luck.