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04-28-00, 02:34 PM
I upgraded to a soyotek board and amd 475, from a p133. It rocks...but, I am out of IRQ's!!! The only IRQ problem is my second ISA NIC. I fixed my sound card by changing its automatic setting (this is in win 98 se), but manaually, I cannot change it. FOr some of my IRQ's, I have 2 things (like 2 com ports)using it at once, but I can't put my nic and sound card together on one irq. My nic has the ability to change the IRQ manually, but my sound card doesn't!!!???? I think there is something in the bios to fix all this....please help

04-29-00, 07:56 PM
Try using a PCI or USB NIC. Or, setup different hardware profiles (if you can stand it). Otherwise, there's not much to be done if you're running out of IRQs.

Are you running this as a gateway machine for a home LAN? You might try using that old board and CPU as the gateway server running Linux (which will move quickly on that slower machine and can handle the I/O demand).

I dunno ... just some thoughts.

- Patrick

04-29-00, 11:38 PM
The cool thing about USB is that peripherals that used to take up interrupts on serial and Parallel ports DON'T on USB...
I have a USB mouse (IntelliMouse Explorer) and a USB printer (Epson Photo 760) as well as a camera (Creative)... I now have a interrupt to spare where I used to be way shy...