View Full Version : HP CDRW Owners PLZ READ!!!(Or any for that matter)

12-18-00, 11:25 PM
Ok my upgrade was a success, the only pro is my new mobo wont let dos run my HP 8100 CDRW drive cuz the drivers before would only work on a intel chipset(I think) After 8 hours of hard work I've got it running at a whole 1x, and no burning http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif. If anyone has a HP 8100 CDRW Drive, and the drivers can u plz mail them to punkjeebs@cs.com? I've been to the hp support, gotten all that stuff at their website and none of it works so i'm hoping that someone out there has the 8100 drivers I need. Any help is greatly Appreciated. Thx for reading

12-19-00, 08:09 PM
windows should install it's own drivers....just normal cdrom drivers...download apsi32 drivers from adaptec.com tho..

12-19-00, 08:15 PM
To use a CD-Rom in DOS, you need DOS drivers. You can either get specific DOS drivers for your unit, or use generic drivers, such as the ones found on a Win9x boot disk.

As for Windows, drivers will be installed for you, but before you can use your burner, you will need to install CD burning software.

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