View Full Version : Mouse curser disappears!!!!!!!

04-28-00, 02:16 PM
This has been pissing me off for a while.

Every now and then my mouse curser will dissapear. It happens when I go to "START", "PROGRAMS" and bang,,,Gone....
I don't get it...???????
After this happens if I scroll the mouse all the way up I can see it on the bottom of the screen...(Crazy)

I am using a TrackMan Marble Wheel by Logitech and have the newist Mouseware 9.0.

If anyone knows why it does that Please, Please let me know.

I have a Pent II 400
128M PC100 RAM
Abit BH6 motherboard
19" Philips monitor
Creative Banchee video card (16M)
Creative Live! sound card

If you need more info just let me know.

04-30-00, 06:42 AM
I am guessing here...

1)Check if you have an IRQ conflic.

2)It could also be that the mouse needs new drivers or needs cleaning/defective.

3)If it's a bad mouse port, you need to replace the motherboard.