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04-27-00, 05:07 AM
which is better dual pentium 450 or one pentuim 750

04-27-00, 07:20 AM
Hey UT,

It depends on the OS and the particular software. With two processors, the arithmatic is split up to reduce cycles and save time. For two 450's to run in true parallel you need NT (not sure about W2K's support yet). Most commercial apps will use dual processing on NT, but no games that I'm aware of. Certain problems arise when you split a math function and send it to two CPU's; like priority to memory and other resources. I've worked on dual CPU stations but they were all RISC with Unix as the OS. I've used Hewlitt Packard and Silicon Graphics stations for Pro-E.
If you want to run a server or compile code then get the twin processor, but for games and straight forward old office stuff get the fast single processor.

04-27-00, 08:06 AM
You didn't specify which pentium you like to compare. LD is correct, your choice between dual or single processor depends on your L2 cache and your intended use of the pc/server.