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Untill now I have always used a recovery disc that came with my IBM Aptiva PIII 500,but I bought a 98se oem disc and want to start from scratch.
Plus I wanted to make a swap file partition.
Can any of yaz help .
Please be specific.

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hehe....what time is it?? It's time for ssjDoh's fdisk guide!! w00t! LOL http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

*deep breath*
My newbie guide to fdisk (MOD, plz archive this!! hehe)

ok, first, make a bootdisk if you don't have one. Go to control panel>add/remove. Click to the tab "Startup disk". Then create your Bootdisk.

Reboot with boot disk in your floppy drive.
If you want one large partition

run "fdisk"

Enter "y". The first thing you should see is a question asking you if you want to enable large memory support.

Select "delete partition or logical DOS drive" [#3]

Select delete logical DOS drives in extended DOS partition. Now select each drive that you see there and delete them.

Get bak to this screen (asking what you want to delete) if it brings you back to the start (option 3). now selct delete Extended DOS Partition. Delete the drive[s] that you see there.

Go back to the 'delete' screen, if sent to first menu (option 3). Now select Delete Primary DOS Partition. Delete the drive you see there.

Go to the first menu screen, if you're not there already (escape brings you back one level)

Now select Create partition or Logical something [#1]

Select Create Primary DOS Partition. It should ask you how much space you want this partition to use. Since this part is for one large partition, enter 100%. When that's done, go back to the first menu (escape to go back) if not there.

Select Set active partition Select the drive that you just created.

Exit fdisk and reboot with bootdisk still in drive. Select 'start with CD-Rom support"

Now you have to format the partition you created. type "format c: /u". When that's done you can enter a lable for that drive.

Load Windows (ie. your OS)

Whew! ok now:
Creating multiple partitions

Read the above to delete all your partitions.

Now you should have NO partitions created. Select [#1] Create partition or Logical Drive. Now, when it asks you how much space you want, do not choose 100%. Enter the amount of space that you want on your soon-to-be c: drive.

At the first menu (you should know how to get there!), select Set active Partition Make the partition you jsut created active.

At the fist menu, select [#1] Create DOS Partition or Logocal drive

Now select Create Extended DOS partition[#2]. ( Here's a part where I'm not 100% sure so I'll make 2 parts, jsut delete the extended partition if one way does not work) When it asks you how much space you want to use, use the rest of your drive. Go back to the "create partition menu" (#1 from first menu), and select Create Logical DOS Drives and the Extended DOS Partition. It might ask you now how much space you want the next partition to hold. Right now, you have a C:\ and a D:\. This next # will be the E:\. Use the remaining amount of space you have if you want to stop there. If you want a F:\, then leave some space, and specify how much sapce you want on this parition. Repeat until you have no more disk space . I hop you understood that!
Now it that didn't work for you, delete that partition and come back to the create extended partition. When if asks you how much space you need, don't select all your available space. It MAY ask you to keep entering disk sizes (that's different partitions) until you have no space left. I'm almost positive that the first set of instructions are the right ones.

OK, at the first menu screen, select Display Partition Info. Just look at it and see if you're happy with your partitions. Assuming you are happy, quit fdisk and reboot with bootdisk in drive.

Now format ALL the partitions you made (ie. format c: /u; format d: /u etc.)

When all that's done, Load up your OS.

Yay!!, I'm done!! My longest post ever!!

now print thise out and tell me how it goes! I HOPE no one answered you whle I wrote this (took my quite a while).

ok, well, I think I'm done here...GL!
*drinks water form all the typing done!*

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Thnx much,thats what I was looking for.
I backed every thing up today,so tommorow will be the big day. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
Thnx again

Thnx for the link

12-18-00, 08:02 PM
NP, good Luck though!

12-18-00, 10:47 PM
Here's a cool script I use at work to blow the FAT and partition info off a drive. It removes everything including stuborn viruses. Check it out.