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04-26-00, 03:51 AM
damn, im pissed. i just got my new vid card in the mail (Guillemot 3D Prophet 32MB DDR-DVI), installed it following all the directions, upgraded to the new Nvidia Detonator drivers, and tried to play Rogue Spear: Urban Ops. i got the same damn problem happening again (for any of you who dont know my story, go read my previous post). so now i just sunk $264 into a vid card, and my old one is prob just fine.

so now what do i look at as the source of my problem? i already went over my BIOS settings with the instruction book in hand so that should be set ok, and i just recently reformatted my computer so any general windows or windows registry problems should have been corrected, so what is left? could it be my MoBo goin out on me, or could it be somethin with my HD? i hate to buy new ones only to find out that they arent the problem.

like i said in my previous post, right after i first experienced the problem, i reinstalled win98 over itself (by putting the cd in and going to Setup on it), and that seemed to make the games and all run good for a while, but it was only a temporary fix.

im really lost and lookin for any possible solutions. thanks all.

04-26-00, 02:04 PM
first, i dont have anything OC'd in my system.

second, i have had problems with heat in the past. during last summer the temps here got really hot. that made the temp in my case get to a level that the whole system started running like i had 5% resources free or somethin. so i went and checked the temp thru my BIOS (i had Motherboard Monitor installed as well, but windows was going cuckoo from the heat, so i decided to exit out of it), and the MoBo temp and CPU temp were pretty high. so i spent the rest of the summer runnin my comp with the case off and a full size box fan suckin air off of the components. this helped lower the temp dramatically, and let me use my system as usual. then the weather cooled down, and i started putting the case back on. its just a cheap little case, with not such a great design as far as cooling is concerned. oh yeah, also i had CPU Idle installed, and that was helping keep the CPU temp lowered, but it kept making my games crash if i forgot to turn it off before starting the game, so eventually i just uninstalled it. lately, i have been running it with the cover off again, just in case heat was an issue, but even with the full size house fan pulling air off, i get the same problems.

i really dont know what it could be, or who i could contact about it. i do all of the regular maintenance stuff (defrag, etc.) just in case you were wondering.

i just dropped about $600 worth of hardware into this system (256MB PC-133, 3D Prophet DDR, Monster Sound MX300 [all of which can be used in the system im workin on building]), and im seeing results that are worse than before. i say worse because that sound card plays windows sounds and game sounds "muffled" for me (see my sound card post), the RAM apparently isnt being used by windows (max is 128MB utilized?), and the video problems are still around.

so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to respond to this post, or drop me an e-mail. thanks buds.


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04-26-00, 02:09 PM
oh yeah, another little side thing.

i said that i dont have anything OC'd, which is true, but some programs are consistently reporting that i have an AMD K6 II 660MHz, when i only have a 400. these programs that report that include DXDIAG (for directx) and CPU Idle (i just reinstalled it, and it is saying 660MHz). any idea why they think i have a faster CPU than i do?

04-26-00, 11:34 PM
Hey Psyco,

That blows. You got a new card and the same problems happened?

Ok...You say when you re-install W98 the games work fine, but gradually get worse...?

Since the games work in the beggining, we can rule out the drivers. Any improper driver would result in the game crashing or not working at all.

Also, since you can boot up into W98 and play games, there is no apparent hardware confict.

As to you mentioning that your motherboard may be going bad....you could try to check the CPU temp once a game is running. If you know how to use a thermocouple then stick it on or near the CPU and watch for temperature rise. You can guesstimate with your hand but this can get you burned. If the CPU is getting too hot you may need extra cooling.

BTW, is your CPU overclocked?

Also, does this only happen to you when online?