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04-09-00, 11:28 PM
I was thinking of reformatting my Hardisk as
its getting very clutered in there.The problem is that I never done it before & my
knowledge of DOS is very minimum.Can anyone
clearly explain to me how it is done?(in newbies term) Im running a Win98 SE on AMD
Athlon 550Mhz on a IBM GXP 27GB Hardisk.

~Cyferick II

04-10-00, 10:57 AM
WARNING formatting is a time consuming event and can be very dangerous

First things first back your data off on to another machine or onto some kind of media
tape CDR onto another machine or another harddrive

things your going to need

ALL your driver disk
Mother board drivers
Chipset drivers
Com port Drivers
USB Drivers
LPT Port Drivers
On the above stuff WIN 98 SE comes with drivers for these they work but not as well as if from the vendor of the hardware.

sound card drivers
SCSI dirver
Video Drivers
CDROM driver
Scanners drivers
Digital camera driver
Network Card Driver
Mouse Driver you would have one of these if you had a mouse with more than 2 buttons
Win98 SE cdrom and the OEM key
It is a number found on the book from Microsoft it is 20 char. Long
if you can not find it go to my computer right mouse click and under register you see a name and some other stuff but in that mess is the OEM number Wright that down make no mistakes if you do you screw your self latter.
If you cannot find that stop do not continue!!!!
All your software disks

If you can not find all your driver disk go online to the manufacturer of the device and download the driver and stick on a diskette, almost all ship with a diskette setup program and instructions on how to do this follow those instructions.

If you bought the computer form Gateway or Compact or Dell or IBM or HP they come with a recovery disk you sick them in and answer some question and off it goes

If not do the following
After you get all the above stuff

Lets insure that your carom is bootable and that your computer is setup for this

When your computer is in POST i.e. (when it first starts) you see a screen that say hit DEL or F1 or F10 to enter setup hit that key, look through the screens to find the boot sequence set the sequence to CDROM then C then A

It can be different depending on bios type read the manual that came with mother board for exact details. I could Wright a novel on the bois setup.

once you have done that sick the 98 cd in the cdrom drive boot computer, it should see the cdrom and then you will be given a choice of boot of hard drive or cd choose cd then another 3 choices come up Start win98 setup, start computer with cdrom support or start computer with out cdrom support. choose the start computer with cdrom support. You see it load different drivers and with a C prompt
If the computer locks up get help something is wrong and my guess you’re still new to computers and don't have the diagnostic stills and knowledge to fix this problem
But if every thing went well take out the cd reboot the computer, when you see the starting 98 hit F8 key a selection appeared chose boot into dos mode

at the c prompt type the following command
format c: /s
hit y and press enter
after complete sick the cdrom back in
reboot chose cdrom then choose win98 setup
following the online instructions
this take about 30 to 60 minutes

after setup is complete
it will reboot choose hardisk and a screen will appear that stats starting win 98 for the first time
it will have you type that oem key, this is where you can screw yourself if you type it in wrong and you can not use win98 till you have that key.
next it will detect hardware this is where you need you setup disk and if you have cdroms drive disk you will be swapping cd in and out

after that it will reboot again
come back up and detect more hardware if more is to detect after that you may need to run setup programs from the drivers in order to update the drivers.

I have gone the long way about this to insure things are right i would cut about half this stuff put if it was me doing it.


04-14-00, 07:38 PM
Good lord! That is one hell of a post :)


Forums up.

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04-15-00, 01:43 AM
Don't reformat!!

Uninstall or dump the stuff you are not using. Empty the recycle bin. Right click on the drive letter. click properties then click tools. Error check the drive then Defragment it!!

Start button/Run then type in msconfig will show you all the crap you maybe running in the background. If you see alot why not ask what you can get rid of to the forum.


04-15-00, 10:07 PM
Try this. Go to your hard drive company's site and see if they have a disk utility you can download,then put it on a floppy disk. Make sure you have a Windows boot disk(98SE includes CDROM drivers so you can reinstall Windows from CD). Backup what you want to keep. If you have a 2nd hard drive, you can move stuff onto that,do your format and Windows installation,set the other hard drive as a slave, then move stuff back to 1st drive. Or you can just reinstall evrything. I recommend backing up your IE5 Favorites folder to a floppy.
Now, boot with the HD utility disk you made, and just follow the instructions. Then boot with the Win. emergency disk, choose "with CDROM support",and reinstall Windows.It's time consuming, but not that hard. Good luck.

P.S.- Make sure you turn off any virus warnings in BIOS before reinstalling Windows.