View Full Version : It won't let me defragment my hd

04-22-00, 09:24 PM
Well I started defraging my hardrive and went to work, six hours later I come back from work and its still at 0% complete. It worked fine a month ago. I tried it a few weeks ago after I got a cable connection and it didn't work then either, and thats the only thing I've installed recently so thats my only lead. If you don't have any idea's can you point me to other disk defragmenters online, maybe they'd work.

04-23-00, 11:28 PM
Reboot into safe mode and try the defrag again, sometimes proggies in the background can disrupt it.


04-24-00, 01:47 AM
It worked, thanks man

04-24-00, 02:15 PM
Glad to hear it :)

04-26-00, 01:57 PM
Hey Kevin,

I used to have problems, but I rid myself of all unessiential TSR's. Also, I set up Scandisk followed by Defrag using windows task scheduler. It runs at 2:00 am every tuesday and thursday (my 2 busiest days online). Johns suggestion is excellent and a good fallback if you OS is buggy.