View Full Version : Get knocked off when phone is picked up

12-17-00, 09:33 PM
I have no clue why this is happening all the sudden, it didn't use to...but my computer is hooked up to our second line, and our family comp is also. When im online and someone trys to get on downstairs, it knocks me off. it didnt use to, its just this weekend and i got a new modem so thats why...but can you tell me how to fix it? thanks!

12-18-00, 10:05 AM
Well I would say double check to see what jack yout pluged into.. if it only did this after replacing the modem yo may have pluged it in the wrong jack. Also try calling from that phone like call you main line phone number, see if it rings. A changing of a dial up modem has nothing to do with a line connection