View Full Version : double checking set up before i buy it, help!

04-22-00, 06:02 PM
right now i have Road Runner (cable connection to internet). their are going to be two more computers in my house.we want to have all three be hooked up to the internet w/ cable.
I have a 1 port hub and eithar card.
Here's the question: ALL i need to setup the three computers is a 4 port switchable 10/100MB hub, 3 network cards, and 3 pieces of cable. Thats ALL right no software that i have to have to run it all smoothly (i heard NetBEUI is a faster way to share files but i just need them all to have internet access) or more eithar cards right?????????? where should i buy, any kind of advice will help

04-28-00, 04:57 PM
Can someone help me out here????

04-28-00, 05:16 PM
I'd go over to the "Networking Forum" on this site & read some of the postings...you may find some of your answers. If not, ask there.