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04-22-00, 01:47 AM
I have PIII600 with 256RAM PC100 can you guys tell me how can I O-C my CPU like Bios or motherboard settings..
I checked overclockers.com people there don't tell tips they tell their problems after O-C..

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04-22-00, 04:28 AM
I have a BE6 2 and on that you press del on start up to enter set up then enter soft menu and alter your fsb settings to say 110 for starters (press enter on the cpu fsb clock and alter the settings ) save this (f10) on mine and you should be up to 660 no probs. You can try higher but this is as high as I can go with my pc100 ram. Good luck

04-22-00, 08:26 AM
Remember with the be6 board when you are in CMOS setup, in the CPU SOFT SETUP , when you overclock to disable the SPEED ERROR HOLD. Remember that when you want to use higher than regular bus speeds you heve to be sure to set the AGP CLK tp probably 2/3 to get it to work properly. One thing you can also do to help overclock the chip is to give it a little more voltage, you want to go up in .05 increments and dont push it too high(prob .20 more than specified for the chip. Unfortunately since all chips Intel makes are now multiplier locked tha only setting you have to play around with are the bus speed settings. I think if you are lucky the best you can hope for is to get this chip running at 120 MHz bus speed stabily.
Good luck!!!!!

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04-22-00, 02:43 PM
I've seen a few 600E's running at 900mhz but you'd need some good ram to get a 150mhz FSB setting... not to mention hardware that can handle the raised PCI and AGP. I'm not familiar with your mobo so I dunno if this is possible for you tho.

04-23-00, 10:24 PM
Thanks a lot guys but I have couple of Q here
I got it O-C up to 660MHZ what happend if I increase my FSB more than 110-120?? RAM, CPU heat.... I have dual fan on it

I left my CPU V at 2.05 default what happen if I increase that and why should I ?? is that good with 110 FSB ?

should I get PC133 RAM better for O-C ??
Multiplier Factor I have that at X7 what is that is fine like that

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04-24-00, 01:14 AM
try everything.. your multiplier is locked so it doesn't matter what its set at, it'll always default to 6x. Keep going up in FSB settings until either it won't post, windows won't load, or you get GPF's. Once you get instability raise the voltage a bit and see if that helps, or back the FSB down some. Make sure you keep an eye on temps too, and PC133 ram will help but sucessful o/cing is dependent on so many factors.

04-24-00, 01:31 AM
Well, I have problem now if I open IE for example then I move it around on my desktop with my mouse it makes gray background like dirt shadows then I have to do CTRL+ALT+DEL for refresh screen why is that ..?

What is the MAX Volts my CPU can be set at ?

04-24-00, 09:20 AM
If you wan faster than 110-125mhz fsb with PC100SDRAM, yer a gonna have to git you one a them there VIA Apollo Pro 133A (PC133 SDRAM) chipset mainboards. Elsewise, the AGP and PCI bus speeds go way outta whack for the cards and can really make a mess of things.

04-24-00, 02:19 PM
I disagree with InHere on that last post, the be6 is great at those high bus speeds but the cpu has gotta be able to handle it. There is no better boards for overclocking options than Abit. It certainly might be other peripheral cards and hard drives that do have problems at these unsupported speeds. And remember these are unsupported speeds, there is no gaurantees with overclocking.

Be sure like I said in a previous post you have the AGPCLK in CMOS set to 2/3, that may be your prob here. If it isnt the prob then you just might not be able to push that cpu any higher. Read my previous post on voltages.
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04-24-00, 03:16 PM
My video card is diamond 770 ultra AGPCLK in CMOS set to 2/3 since I O-C now I made CPU volts 2.10V is that good or should I go more??
This is my first time for O-C I read what you guys wrote for me before Thanks a lot..

*What I don't understand here the volts what is the difference between 110FSB with 2.10V and 110FSB with 2.15 or 2.20V ?

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04-24-00, 03:18 PM
I called ABIT for the little thermal cable that came with my board for the CPU because I lost that by accident they told me it's five dollar to order
How can I find out my CPU temp now ?? I'm using CPUIDLE for now ..that don't tell CPU temp.. I even tryed to install the hardware doctor from the original CD that came with the Boart don't work with W2K
You guys know who sell those cables ?

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04-25-00, 03:47 PM
Yo do you have the P3 or P3E?

Make sure your RAM is set at Cas3, if it's at Cas2 now you won't be able to push it much higher

I was able to get my PC100 SDRAM @ Cas3 up to 112FSB

I have a stick of Micron -8E PC100 that can do 125Mhz @ Cas2 =))

I have the Abit BE6-2

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04-25-00, 09:28 PM
I have PIII600 512K I also have crucial RAM PC100 2/128 ECC but I was trying to find this CAS option where is it ?? what CAS mean ?

How can I find out if my memory is Leaking? for W2K

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Oh ya, you might be able to pick up one of those cables from the shop you got your motherboard from. It'll probably costs ya 10 or 15 bucks but they will prob be able to get you one in a few days. I dont think the voltage is the reason your CPU can't overclock further, it probably just can't go any further than 660. If you tried the voltage at 2.15 or 2.20 and it doesnt work then you might be stuck at that speed.
Be happy you got it that high, some CPU's dont like anything higher than their rated speeds. You brought up heat. Make sure you also have a good fan on your chip. In my oppinion it really pays to get a good fan for like 20 dollars because its only 10 dollars more than the cheap ones and it really does make a difference in overclocking especially.

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Hey Guys I still have my Q ??

04-26-00, 04:38 PM
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If you have to go higher the only thing I can see you trying is going to PC-133. Keep in ming though if that doesnt work you just blew your money. It is my experience (and I have a lot of it overclocking) that most generic PC-100 memory will have no probs reaching at least 120 Mhz front side bus and I've seen some do 133 with no probs. I've said it before but that may just be as high as that sucker will go. Dont assume that if you see some guy post on the net that he got his 600 to go to say 850 Mhz that yours will work at that speed as well. Most of the time people are either lieing or have just lucked out and got a hold of a diamond in the rough. Memory leaking? It's not your problem here.
BTW, that Crucial RAM is good quality memory so I really dont think it the memory limitting your overclocking abilties.

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04-26-00, 11:54 PM
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04-27-00, 01:57 AM
Thanks a lot guys
I just want to know more info about O-C my V-card you know and the memory but it ok
Thanks Again