View Full Version : Disappearing button images/icons

04-20-00, 09:12 PM
Is an image not always just an image?

I was wondering if someone could illuminate me a little. One day I noticed, after installing a new video card, that some icons in a program (campaign cartographer) would disappear; as well when I am typing a new email to send, the images on the buttons are gone and quite often act like mini-windows to see the background behind the new email.

I know the fix, according to the campaign cartographer people, is to turn my hardware acceleration slidebar down to 'none'. Yes, this works... but why?

I just want to understand why some images are visible with hardware acceleration off, but not with it on. Does anyone know a more durable fix so I can leave my H.A. on all the time? Its a pain rebooting if I want to switch from one program with this problem to another without.

I have since upgraded to a new video card but this problem still exists.