View Full Version : Dead Modem?

12-17-00, 04:53 PM
Since I got Cable and installed a NIC in my computer my regular 56k modem wont work. Windows won't even recognize it is installed.
I thought maybe I fried it when I was installing the NIC I couldn't find any evidence of that. I tried switching to another ISA slot (my modem is an ISA modem) but it still wouldn't work. Now when I startup my computer I get the message "I/O Conflict 2F8" periodically. I know that 2F8 is the modem I/O port but I don't know how to resolve it. Does anyone know whats wrong and If my modem is still usable or is it dead?


12-17-00, 05:19 PM
It has a confilct with another device. I might assume with the nic that was installed but not 100% sure. I would go into device manager and disable com port 2 if it's enabled and or shut it off in your bios. I think 2f8 is the input / output for com port 2.

12-17-00, 07:47 PM
Thanks http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif