View Full Version : How do I use both modems?

12-17-00, 04:16 PM
There's 2 ways to use 2 modems, to combine bandwidth over 2 physical links into one single logical link.

One was called Shotgun, and I think it was a proprietory protocol by Diamond Multimedia Technologies. It never took off, as it wasn't adopted by the isp's. Haven't heard of it in a couple years.

The other is called multilink, and it's a protocal supported by NT RAS. Essentially, it allows you use 2 modems and 2 connection to simultaneously access a RAS server, and effectively double your bandwidth. Works great, if you have two phone lines, and your server is set up for it. I used to use it for remote access for remote administration of our LAN, before I got a broadband connection.

Once again, not embraced by any ISP's I know of.

12-17-00, 11:01 PM
I talked to a guy shortly and he told me something about a way to use two modems. I just yesterday bought a new 56k ISA modem cuz they're alot better, but I still have my old 56k. He said I could use them so I have one modem handling all the outgoing information and one modem handling all the ingoing information. How would I do this? Do I need two phone lines or just one? Thanks.