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04-17-00, 09:48 PM
i was thinking of building a new computer this summer and was thinking of going with dual cpus (prolly Piii 600e)

what would be the/is there an advantage over dual cpus of a lesser speed and a single more powerful cpu?

Im the whole F'n show

04-17-00, 10:49 PM
this depends totally on the usage of your machine.

WinNT and Win2k both support dual processors, but there are a lot of programs out there that won't be able to take advantage of it. why? because they are not multi-threaded, in that they will not split up thier processing demands between two processors.

you can designate some programs to run on one cpu while some others on the second, but that seems cumbersome and a waste of time and money. if you have several programs always running at the same time (eg. server applications, memory resident active programs, system monitors, etc) then it might make a difference, but for most applications other than serious graphical ones (photoshop, for instance, is multi-threaded), the dual cpu probably wouldn't justify the investment.

try going with a beefed up cpu and more ram.

just my $0.02