View Full Version : Live software problem

04-16-00, 04:01 PM
After reinstalling my Windows I needed to reinstall the live-card as well.

O boy, what a mess! The downloaded software from Creative did not install properly and I can not get it right!
The "core"package (package 1) is OK, I get it installed properly. When trying to install the second package (with the player, why did they seperate it?)I get a message saying I do not have enough diskspace. BULL....!

I have seen more then one item in newsgroups with the same problem but no proper solution that works?!

04-26-00, 02:48 PM
the creative software is ****. there is no argument here.

you are not the only one with the problem: there are other's on this board that have problems with the creative software.

i just installed the drivers along, and none of the fancy players and stuff. it was just too taxing on my system. if i were you, i'd just install the drivers alone, and save yourself the hassle.

it's definately not something that you are doing wrong, just that Creative put out a crappy product. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif