View Full Version : Upgrading Video Card

04-16-00, 01:25 PM
Ok, I currently got a Dell P2 450. I have a STB nvida 8MB 128 Velocity Card. I wanna put in a GeForce 32MB (or 64MB, depending on how much $$$ I got) or a Voodoo 5. Now, these cards say 4X AGP Slot. I got a AGP slot, but I don't think it's 4X. Can I still put in these cards?

04-17-00, 11:04 PM
yes you can. i did so myself. the only stipulation is that it will downgrade to whatever the AGP bus on your mobo will handle.

most likely, you have a AGP2x mobo, so that is what the card will configure to.

however, you might be losing performance and not getting your money's worth by doing so.

checkout http://www.anandtech.com

anand has great info re: AGP cards etc.