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04-15-00, 09:23 AM
Hey Everyone,

I get this strange error "Error 59: problem with network .. blah blah" when I boot up just before Windows loads.. before my password box comes up, and before all my drivers load. Any idea what could be causing this? I've looked through my system.ini/win.ini/autoexec/config.sys and unchecked any unncessary startup programs from loading. Could it be my BIOS?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I've also virus-scaned numerous times and defragged numerous times too.

Thanks A Lot,

04-15-00, 11:37 PM
i found this at microsofts site. it may not help but then again you never know. it may be that you have your system setup to try to logon to a domain. im not sure you didnt give that much info. you may also need to check your settings in the network properties
i doubt that the fix in this article has anything to do with your issue but it suggests network setting issues. i hope this points you in the correct direction.
Error 59 When Changing Password with NET PASSWORD Command

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 95


If you use the NET PASSWORD command to change your password on your Microsoft Windows 95/98 client computer, you may receive the following error message:

Error 59: An unexpected network error has occurred. Quit all running programs, restart your computer, and then try again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator.

This behavior occurs if the client does not contact the primary domain controller (PDC). When the NET PASSWORD command is used on a Windows 95/98 computer, the computer incorrectly attempts to resolve a NetBIOS domainname[1D] entry, rather than the appropriate domainname[1B] entry.

To work around this problem, change the syntax of the NET PASSWORD command. For example, at a command prompt type the following command

net password \\servername username oldpassword newpassword
where servername is the name of the PDC.

NOTE: Normally, the following example is the correct syntax for this command:
net password /domain:domainname username oldpassword newpassword
However, this command syntax only queries for the domainname[1D] entry.

Clients must contact the PDC to change a password. The most common problem that occurs when you attempt to change your password is that the name of the PDC is incorrectly resolved. This is usually done with a query for the domainname[1B] entry, and is often unsuccessful if the PDC is not on the same subnet as the client and an Lmhosts file or Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server is not correctly implemented. However, this problem usually results in an error message similar to the following example:

The domain controller for this domain cannot be found.
If you receive an error message similar to this example, please search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles relevant to the problem.

The problem described in this article is slightly different. Because any domain controller can register the domainname[1D] entry, it is likely that a BDC will respond to the Windows 95/98 client query. The client's attempt to change the password through the BDC is unsuccessful and the error message is displayed.

Because the most commonly used way to change a password is using the Passwords tool in Control Panel, the behavior described in this article is not a common occurrence. However, there are instances when the Password tool is not an option, as described in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q154809 Error Changing Password with Multiple Network User Names

i hope this helps

04-19-00, 12:49 AM
If you are on a cable modem. That might be an ip conflict. If it says an error 59 protocol 0, then that is the ethernet card protocol. Call your isp.