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04-14-00, 05:42 PM
why is that when i listen to MP3s on winamp, and i open an application or file, the song will pause or skip? also, when playing mp3s, i don't hear sound effects from AIM or AOL. i have a Creative labs PCI 128 soundblaster sound card, running 98. thanks.

04-14-00, 09:32 PM
OK ,dont know about the AOL thing because AOL bites the big one but I can tell you that when running Winamp and songs skip this can be caused by the Hard Drive being accessed by other applications that are open or the CPU is being overburdoned.

04-18-00, 02:25 PM
in winamp, try raising the output priority for playing mp3's to a higher setting than what its at, it will slow down the programs that you want to run, but it shouldnt skip (as much) as the lower priority setting. also when playing mp3's, it uses your wav device to output the sound, so its virtually impossible in win98 to play other sounds from other programs such as aol while playing mp3's. with win2000, it IS possible to play mp3's and sounds if you have the right settings/soundcard.

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04-19-00, 06:47 AM
Hey Mattgical,

MP3 is not the actual song format, it is just a highly compressable storage format built for audio/video applications. Your computer then converts the MP3 back into WAV format using the compression table at the start of the MP3. Since your sound card is capable of mixing WAV files, aka polyphony, any sound played on top of your MP3 song will come through. Do you run Word or something and listen to songs (I've done it before)?

My advice is that you turn off your browser and other apps when running MP3's. Also, turn off your windows sound scheme in the control panel. It saves resources and there will be no default sounds to interfere.