View Full Version : Power surge damage?

04-14-00, 03:15 PM

I wonder if anyone has any information on how to assess damages from power surge?

There was a power surge/spike in my area a few days ago. At that time I had a not-so-good surge protector. Even though everything survived, I wonder if there's any diagnostics I check to see what damages were done and etc.


04-18-00, 03:57 PM
Oh! Thank you very much for the reply!

You are the first person who knows something about this kind of thing. (I asked many, many people ...)

So, what kind of diagnostic program do you recommend? And where can I get it?

Thanks for your help!

PS There are no beeps from the bios POST diagnostics.

04-18-00, 11:00 PM
Hey Satoshi,

Depends on what kind of spike you had. If it was high voltage, I'm sure you computer will be fine. The power supply in your PC has its own protective circuit.
If it was a reactive occurance, like caused by the startup of a huge motor or everyone turning on their microwave/AC at once, then there may be a problem.

To check for damage, you simply must turn on the PC and listen for any beeps from the bios POST. If all is normal run a diagnostics software.