View Full Version : If you are into cars I suggest going to a ALMS race

De Plano
10-25-07, 05:05 PM
There was a lot going on. P1, P2, GT1, GT2, GT3 (spec Porsche class), touring cars (modified production cars), Speed GT (Caddies, BMW), and some open wheels.

Good racing and lots of passing. Right and left turns, no ovals other than some bent rims

10-27-07, 08:33 AM
Will there be women there? How about free food and drink?

*get 71' Ford Pinto warmed up for road trip*

De Plano
10-27-07, 08:24 PM
Women will be there (most of them look REALLY high maintenece) and there will be free food and drink (but you better run fast, because if the person you steal it from catches you there will be a brawl)

http://www.draglist.com/photoimages/POD-0103/Dale%20Pulde%20playing%20rough%20with%20the%20Mickey%20Thompson%20Pinto.%20Photographer%20unknown.jp g

That Pinto?;)

10-28-07, 06:35 PM
That Pinto?;)No... Mine would be pink with green tires and a poky-man logos on the front, side, top and back. Green interior and an exploding gas tank.

Glad to hear there will be women and food. My car will surly be a "babe" magnet.