View Full Version : Occasional problems with Intellimouse

12-17-00, 08:51 AM
my intellimouse suffers from occasional problems. sometimes does it seem to work; the mouse pointer jerks all over the place and i can't click any buttons. the only way to solve this problem is to restart the computer.
The problem goes away after i restart the computer, but it is only a matter of time before the problem surfaces again

reinstalling intellipoint(latest version 3.2) does not seem to work.
what is the problem?

12-17-00, 09:35 AM
you could try diabling the mouse acceleration.

I also had the same mouse as yourself, and it acted crazy all the time.

now i use a logitech optical, and it works great [and 1/2 the price!]

12-17-00, 09:12 PM
is it optical or a ball mouse -- if optical check the usb cable, if ball clean the inside using rubbing alcohol

12-17-00, 09:39 PM
Yeah i had that same problem until i installed the driver.