View Full Version : General AMD vs INTEL questions

12-17-00, 01:58 AM
some like Intel, some like AMD

but really which is the best chip...

overall for graphics, gameplay, ect...

12-17-00, 06:45 AM
AMD all the way man. The P3, and P2 designs are based on the Pentium Pro design which was released back in 1996, all they did was optimized the core a bit and added SSE and MMX, other than its the SAME as the Pentium Pro. While the Althon core is a BRAND NEW desgin from the ground up, using Alpha's EV6 bus which is 100Mhz DDR, soon to be 133Mhz DDR.

Now, the P4 is a Brand new design too, and the 100Mhz QDR bus is really nice, but it uses RDRAM so that makes it too expensive. Even tho the P4 is a new design, its designed for marketing, not preformance, thats why it runs at 1.5Ghz and only matches or is slower than an Althon 1.2Ghz or so.

Lots of people see "1.5Ghz" and automatically think its the fastest. AMD needs to spend more money on advertising

12-17-00, 12:27 PM
I agree with Tiger go with AMD.

12-17-00, 12:53 PM
AMD plain and simple http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

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