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12-16-00, 08:12 PM
Game Consoles are more advanced for gameplay than computers are right now???? Wich do you think gets more FPS An AMD 1Ghz, Geforce 2 GTS and 256 Meg of ram or a Playstation 2????

What about picture quality???

12-16-00, 08:39 PM
in my opinion, its almost an apples-to-oranges comparison (but not totally). given the fact that a) consoles are designed to do pretty much one thing and b) conssoles sont have to worry that much about resolution. they pretty much only have to render a comparatively miniscule amout of pixels compared to a high-preformance gaming-optimized computer (lets say running at resolutions up to 1600x1200), so a computer has a much harder task from the get-go. computers also cost a lot more, and have the misfortune of not being one specific design/architecture. there's a million different possible PC configurations for what programmers and software designers have to make their products work with. different OS versions, directx, openGL, etc, make it so most apps/games aren't even close to being truly optimized for any one thing.

anyways, my philosophy about it is this.... is you are totally positive that all you want to do is game, then a console is probably the way to go. as far as framerates go, i think the PS2 or any console for that matter, wont bother pushing frames any faster than 60FPS, to equal the 60HZ refresh rate of a TV. the PS2 is awfully sweet. i am amazed at the difference between that and the Atari 2600 i had when i was 9, and they were new.

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12-16-00, 09:05 PM
Ya consoles render at what 640x480 resolution? Thats nothin compared to 1280x1024 or higher.

I would still rather use a comp for gaming than a console cuz of the higher resolutions, and wider variety of games, like strategy 'n stuff. Sure there are strategy gamez for consoles, but its not fun without a mouse 'n stuff, and the detail that high resolutions give you.