View Full Version : dropping files from cd to burner?

12-16-00, 03:53 PM
When I try to copy (drag) mp3's or wav files from my Creative 52x CD onto my Plextor 12/10/32A Burner, I keep getting an error like digital extraction not capable from the cdrom. I am trying to do this over my home network, because my DVD drive is so slow (1x) as far as burning goes. Any ideas, anyone? Otherwise I'm buying a new CD-ROM with XMAS money. Help?!?!

12-16-00, 11:30 PM
rip them to your HD first......

12-16-00, 11:37 PM
Thanks Bug! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the hardest ones for me to come up with, lol!
But I still know there must be a way to use the CD-Rom over the LAN, just can't figure out why it tells me digital extraction isn't possible. But your idea will work ok.

12-17-00, 01:57 AM
bug's right on the money on this one.

At least as far as your burner goes. The reason is because even if your cdrom can extract data, it's not going to be able to at near the rate that your Plextor can. (Your lucky to get 4x out of most cdroms)

Also the software supplied with your plexy, has error correction. You may not need it with most disc's, but what the heck.....

12-17-00, 09:27 AM
Thanks guy, will try this out today!