View Full Version : over clocking through jumpers

12-16-00, 02:03 AM
Hey i have over clocked my PC but hardly anything though and i wanted to know if there os mkore i can go up by. i have a P3 550 o/clocked to 566, if i put my jumper settings page up would this help.

PS i have an ASUS P2B-F board.

12-16-00, 02:29 AM
but first tell me how i can get a picture up on here.

12-16-00, 03:25 AM
If I recall correctly, the P2B-F only supports a few FSB settings, so it's up to the quality of your RAM/CPU. Try the next FSB increment (whatever that may be).

Originally posted by Sher_Khan:
but first tell me how i can get a picture up on here.Hit the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard. Then open an image editor - such as Paint Shop Pro - and paste the capture as a new doc. Next, resize/crop the image as needed and save it as a jpeg or gif. Lastly, u/l the image to a file sharing facility or web page facility - such as GeoCities - and use the image tags to point to it in a post.

12-16-00, 03:49 AM
dont worry i figured it out i o/clocked from 550 to 615